Some time back I discovered this handy-dandy WordPress plug-in called Broken Link Checker that schedules regular checks of all the links on your site and reports any that are broken. The tool makes it simple to locate and correct any broken links. Recently it mysteriously developed a glitch that caused a scary looking page of code with a pink background. I disabled the plug-in across the board and posted to the programmer for help. It turned out many others were seeing the same thing. After more than a week of troubleshooting she has successfully located and repaired the problem. So I have gone ahead and reinstalled the fixed version on all my clients’ sites.

I decided that it would be worthwhile to create a quick video tutorial on how to make use of this plug-in. Because every error will be unique it’s a bit of a treasure hunt figuring out if a link is actually bad, just timing out or down temporarily, mistyped or moved to a different URL. So with each entry you must research and correct as the situation dictates. I hope this video is helpful to get you started. I’m happy to answer your questions.

A couple of key tips: