Teabag Wisdom for your Holidays

As I sit here thinking about this time of year and all that is going on in our world I’m sipping my favorite tea. The tag says “Love, compassion and kindness are the anchors of life”. I totally agree. This seems as apt a holiday message as any. May your holidays and the coming year be filled with much love, compassion and kindness and may it spread around the world.

Project planning & collaboration

My colleague Mark Root-Wiley has written an excellent article for the Nonprofit Technology Network that is perfectly relevant for small business as well. I’m going to quote his 3 tips but the rest of the article is well worth the read.

Here are three concrete ways you can improve the results of your next project:

  1. Always start new technology projects with a planning phase. Even if it’s informal, make sure to identify the organization’s needs that this project will address.
  2. Refer back to your goals when making decisions. Particularly if there’s disagreement, remind your team why this project is important for the organization and evaluate decisions with that in mind.
  3. Ask “why?” Any time someone suggests a particular idea or solution—especially early in a project—ask them to describe how that meets your organization’s needs.
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Recent Print Projects

NWDA-postcardsMany of you know that I started as a print designer. With so much interest in websites I don’t often get to work on print projects larger than a business card. This month I’ve worked on a few. The Northwest Dharma Association had me create these two postcards for them.

I’m also working on some print pieces for The Yesler Community Collaborative including a one page handout and their Annual Progress Report.

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