Last year WordPress came out with a new block editor code-named Gutenberg that replaced the classic WP text editor. Because we use Divi we don’t need this innovation, so I chose to hide it for you by disabling it using a plugin. That means you are still adding your posts using the “classic WP editor.” In order to keep up, now Divi has updated their own text editor within Divi to include frontend editing as an option. They did that shortly after WP changed their editor, but until now they left the original one as the default editor, offering an option to try the new one. As of Divi’s most current update, that has changed. Unfortunately, one client learned the hard way and ran into some difficulties which required us to restore a page from the backup. That experience prompts this message.

Since eventually we’ll lose the original Divi editor completely, there’s no time like the present to start using the new editor. With this update the new editor has become the standard and the old editor is an option you must activate. The reason is that new features only work on the new editor. The new Divi Builder experience is reportedly 100 percent faster and contains more settings. Also, the familiar classic builder WILL eventually be removed entirely. If you really want to stay in the old editor for now it is possible to go to the Divi theme option under builder>advanced and entirely disable the New Experience. This will result in things reverting to the old editor.

If you’re game to try the new Divi editor, the main thing you need to know is that instead of the familiar three-lined “hamburger menu” to access editing you use the gear image instead. It’s second from the left on each dark gray box. That will open up your familiar text editing box. You can also double-click on the dark gray bar instead. And you can enlarge it by dragging the bottom right arrow diagonally to any size you’d like and it should retain that size throughout your pages.

If at any time you choose the top left button which says Return to Standard Editor you will get this large warning:

All content created in the Divi Builder will be lost. Previous content will be restored. Do you wish to proceed?

If you say YES you WILL lose the page content and not be able to restore it. NEVER do this. It will require a full-site restore that means losing any new content since the most recent backup!

Despite what the articles below indicate they’ve now removed the text link that said “Switch Back to Classic Divi Builder” meaning the only way is go to go to the Divi theme option under builder>advanced and entirely disable the New Experience and things go back to the old classic Divi editor.

For those who like to read lots of information, these articles from the makers of Divi give you details and images on how to work with the new editor.

If you’d like to try the new Divi experience but not on your live site, please let me know and I’ll give you access to a sandbox site to experiment in.

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