Sustainable Capitol Hill website

sustainable-cap-hillI’ve lived on Capitol Hill for more than 40 years! One of the key volunteers who’ve setup Sustainable Capitol Hill lives in my condo and holds their monthly meetings here. When they started picking my brain about WordPress and how to combine their ancient html site with a WordPress hosted site and their tool library, I felt the calling. They didn’t ask, but when I realized all my client work was on hold for the holidays I decided to offer to help them out. In the last two weeks of December I worked steadily and they are very excited to have a new, mobile-responsive website!

Big changes coming my way

As you have likely heard, for the past nearly six years my husband and I have been actively involved in creating a new cohousing community on Capitol Hill. We are fast approaching the move-in date which is tentatively looking like March 1. In the meantime we had planned to rent our condo for a few years. Instead we recently decided to sell it. It will be listed on February 1. Given the shortage of two-bedroom condo inventory our agent anticipates a fast and competitive sale. If you or someone you know might be interested check out the MLS listing. After working on projects surrounded by boxes and a tinny echo from the emptiness the pristine staging feels like we’re living in “House Beautiful”.

Annual Report

I’ve just completed a 4-page annual report for Yesler Community Collaborative. You can see the YCC Progress Report as a PDF or visit the Yesler Community Collaborative website for more information.