2019 National Cohousing Conference

Some of you know that my husband and I live in cohousing and you may even know I’ve been working hard with a team of other volunteers to co-lead this year’s national conference. Recently we’ve launched the website (yes I designed it) and registration. Thanks to Jenna Beard Riggs, niece and Vashon Island illustrator, for designing the logo for us. This conference was last in the PNW in 2009. https://2019.cohousing.org

Happy Client Makeover

I first worked with Amanda Madorno of Roam Consulting LLC 4 websites ago. I don’t know the year, but I do know the tool I was using and it was a long time ago. I rebuilt her site twice more, then a year ago she left me. In November she returned. This month we launch her newest website in Divi. Here’s what Amanda had to say:

Sheila is a miracle-worker!  She creatively solved every website design problem we encountered and delivered results with a flexible, yet let’s-get-done attitude. She’s also just fun to work with, and has a great sense of humor that lifts your spirits when you’re wondering if it’s all going to come together. My site got done in what seemed like a very short period of time and I’m very happy with it.


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