Fix Your Terrible, Insecure Passwords in Five Minutes

I’m as guilty as everyone else…carelessness and laziness prevail. But it’s time to do something about it. I just read an article at which outlines all the reasons why it’s important to select secure passwords, as well as some simple tricks for how to make the changes needed. If you have your website hosting with me I want to help you change your password(s). It won’t take long. We need to do it over the phone. Please email me some times that would be good and we can setup an appointment. If you don’t want to read the whole article here are a few quick tips…

Protect your password:

  • Memorize your password, do not write it down
  • Do not share your password. Create a new account instead
  • Avoid using one password for all your logins
  • Don’t provide your password to someone for assistance unless you verify:
    • They need the password
    • They are who they say they are
  • Avoid logging in from public computers
  • Change your password frequently

Tips for choosing a password:

  • Avoid dictionary words
  • Avoid familiar items (names, phone number, etc)
  • Use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters
  • Use more characters (7+)

Phishing for your domain name and hosting dollars

If you receive any paper mailings saying “domain registry expiration notice $30/year” or “Internet Corporation Listing Service (search engine listing) $65” they are phishing expeditions. The senders hope you won’t notice the fine print that says this is not a bill and that you’ll simply assume you owe them. Just so you know, if your domain name is with me you’re paying $10/year and it will always be billed along with your hosting, which is $120/year. You may also get mailings trying to sell you search engine listings. This is an even bigger scam as there is no way to purchase search engine placement. Buyer beware. If you’re unsure, call me or send me an email.

Newest project developed in WordPress

I’ve been adding WordPress blogs to existing “static” sites for the last couple of years. It’s an excellent way to add new content to a site and to generate more search engine attention. I just completed a new site that was developed entirely in WordPress so that the client will be able to login and edit any page and be able to add pages at will. Stinkey Monkey Pudding has since closed.

Useful Resources & Videos
  • Last issue I told you about the local, in-person social networking group, Biznik. I’d like to repeat my offer. If you sign up for a free account at and let me know you’re interested, I will help you setup your profile and sponsor you for one month at the Pro level (a $10 value). I’ve been meeting some great folks and learning a lot.
  • There are so many great articles on Biznik and you can read them even without joining. Here are just a couple that may be of interest on the topic of Social Media Marketing. Remember, I can help you setup your pages and customize them at Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    • What Facebook Can Do for Your Business
    • 5 Tips for Getting More from Social Media Marketing
    • Four Worst Email Marketing Errors: Dont Let Social Media Ruin Your Email Marketing
  • If you haven’t discovered Pandora, free internet radio, it’s worth checking out. What makes it special is that you can setup your own custom stations based on your favorite artists and then it uses a complex algorithm to select additional songs for your playlist that you’re likely to enjoy.
  • And here’s a fun link for you… I mentioned last time that I was working with Coconut Bliss on their national contest called Night of Bliss. The contest is over and 50 winners simultaneously held their sponsored parties on November 7. You can view the winning submissions at or skip right to our winning entry… if you really want a laugh!
Happy Holidays

I am extremely grateful for my good fortune including my health, my partner, my friends and my client relationships. Without you, life would certainly not be as fulfilling and rich. I hope this holiday season and the coming new year bring you good health, good friends and much prosperity. Thank you.