What is Gutenberg and why should you care?

You may or may not have heard about Gutenberg yet. It is the code word for the next update to WordPress and specifically a dramatic overhaul to the visual editor you use when posting to your blog. It’s reportedly easy, intuitive and offers much more than the old Word-like interface allowing you to easily be more creative in your layouts. For those, like me, that manage client sites, we are thinking about how to ease the way for clients assuring that nothing will break in older themes or possibly cause older plugins to fail. It’s due to arrive in mid to late November. I’m taking a practical approach for those of you that I host and support. I’ll be installing the Classic Editor so when the update occurs there will be literally no impact. I know that Divi, the tool I’ve been designing in for the last few years will not break. But honestly I have not yet explored to determine if the older themes like Headway and Pagelines DMS will break. The bottom line is that your experience should not change at all. If you blog frequently AND want to have me activate Gutenberg when it becomes available contact me. You might need a tutorial to use at first. To read more about it and see what it offers here are a few good links:

WordCamp is back – November 10-11

For the last two years I’ve been a co-lead of the annual all-volunteer WordPress Conference called WordCamp. I also spoke at WordCamp Phoenix in February. This year’s Seattle WordCamp is coming up November 10-11 at the Washington State Convention Center. There is no better bargain. For only $40 you get two days of excellent presentations in 4 tracks and that includes lunch both days and swag. If you use WordPress this is a not-to-be-missed event. Register now! 

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