Chyrl wanted a WordPress site so she could maintain it herself. She fell in love with the Woo Theme “Abstract” so we started with that. I was able to completely adapt it to her needs, making it wider, adding a no-sidebar option, adding drop down menus, removing the search box and more.

Sheila came highly recommended to me by a colleague and friend, who’s website she had designed. I loved the work Sheila had done on Stacey’s site. Sheila is fun to work with and I have really enjoyed the process with her. Everything has been very professional, she is very efficient… most things I asked for she had done before I could refresh the page!! She made every effort to accommodate my request for special coding and such and was relentless in her quest to satisfying my needs. It has been a pleasure.

Chyrl Mosley
Forward First Life and Relationship Coaching