September 2019
This business was sold to a new owner who has completely rebranded the site and moved it to Square Space.

January 2018
We gave the site a fresh look, more photos, easier to edit schedule and setup WooCommerce for selling classes.

June 2015
Wendy has been great to work with. She had already selected the name OmTown Yoga and had a general idea of what she wanted for the logo. We worked together to create her branding. I’ve been producing postcards and brochures ever since. The website was originally created in 2001 and was transformed from a static site to a WordPress site in 2010, so Wendy could do her own maintenance. We just (2015) updated the site from Headway to Divi so that it is now mobile responsive and compliant with Google’s new guidelines.

omtown-responsiveWhen I opened my new yoga studio, I had a vision in my head but there was this whole realm of work to be done to create a web site, signage, marketing materials. I was overwhelmed and Sheila saved my life. She gave me a stunning logo, was an amazing resource, produced everything I needed to perfection and IS SO FAST!

Flash forward ten years and I still love my logo. Sheila just updated my website’s look using WordPress so now I can make all my own updates.

—Wendy Lippmann,
OmTown Yoga
Client since 2000- 2019
Business Sold 2019