I was very excited to meet my newest client, the team at Peak Sherpa. Their product line is right up my alley, natural and healthy. Sherpa Foods products are made with Tsampa (sahm’-pa), a sprouted and roasted barley that is a food staple of the Himalayan people.  Coming from a successful run with Sahale Snacks these folks know what they’re doing. They already had a website on WIX but needed it upgraded to WordPress to enable the use of ScoopIt and to add several new features including e-commerce, store locator, press area & FAQ.

Sheila is fabulous! She hit the ground running when we needed a rebuild of our site on a very short timeline, helping us plan, design, and execute our project thoughtfully and quickly. We especially appreciated her thorough research that brought creative solutions to our puzzles while staying on timeline and within our budget. 

— Lindsey Shelley
Sales & Marketing Development Manager
Peak Sherpa

NOTE: The site was redesign in Shopify so my design is no longer viewable.