UPDATED: Amanda Madorno was referred to me by Susan Howlett and at the time she was the interim executive director of Tessera, so I started with a website for them. It wasn’t until later that I got to work with Amanda’s already wonderful logo to create a web presence for her. The site had a WordPress blog that was added after the html site was established. Fast forward five years and we’ve just completed a whole new WordPress site for Amanda . She’s thrilled to be in control of her own updates and was amazed that she could really do it! Amanda specializes in developing leaders and strengthening organizational achievement in many ways including experiential leadership with horses.

2007: Sheila did a wonderful job of helping me develop a professional web-site that also feels like me – not someone else. She referred me to resources like great copy writers, kept the project cheerfully on track, and helped me make good decisions about web-site technical stuff that would have otherwise overwhelmed me. She is top notch!

2012: Sheila’s worked her magic once again. Even though I’m technologically challenged, I love my updated website. Sheila helped me master the mysteries of WordPress.  It’s now so much easier for me to manage updates, post new pictures, etc.  Thank you, Sheila!

Amanda Madorno
Roam Consulting, LLC

Client since 2007