soco-logoThe South King County Cultural Commission came to me because I had designed the Eastside Arts Coalitions first website. They didn’t have a logo. In designing the logo and looking at their domain name possibilities, I came up with the idea of calling it SoCo, catchy, like SoHo in NYC.

Then six years ago (2009) we did a make-over using the benefits of  the WordPress database to restructure information and improve visitors’ experience. This made the site searchable, and displayed information by location as well as categories. The best part of WordPress is that the client can maintain the entire site themselves. In May 2012 we added a new Community Events Calendar tool that allowed all SoCo members add events directly to the site.


Fast forward to 2015: We just did another update so that the website is now mobile responsive in compliance with Google’s new guidelines. We’ve moved the monthly e-News to MailChimp.

We are writing to let you know how delighted we are with the major upgrade you performed on our website! Throughout this process, you have demonstrated patience and good humor in working with our committee, which included both technophobes and the computer literate.  You’ve done a great job of listening to our ideas and our needs and translating those into a website that is engaging, informative, and attractive.  When we’ve had questions, you’ve been very accessible and helpful.  You’ve made it easy for us to share information, and easy for our website visitors to obtain information. We are simply thrilled!

— Barbara McMichael
Client since 2004